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Front Brake Rotor Mounting / Installation Kit


Front Brake Rotor Mounting / Installation Kit


This kit replaces the stock front brake rotor mounting hardware. This mounting system increases the rotor to wheel contact, which improves the heat dissipating characteristics of the front brake system. It also reduces the brake drag of the system by keeping the rotor in better alignment in extended high temperature situations. These improvements provide more consistent lever feel for the racer.

Recommended for use with: H0201C.08AZA 5MM FINNED FRONT BRAKE ROTOR, H0201D.08AZ 6MM FRONT BRAKE ROTOR, H0201.1B6 5MM FINNED FRONT BRAKE ROTOR. Also works with OE front brake rotor and offers improved heat dissipation over original hardware. Fits all XB and 1125 models.

Kit includes:

  • (6x) Bolts, w/threadlocker
  • (6x) Spring Washers
  • (6x) Outer Washers
  • (6x) Inner Washers
  • (6x) Drive Bushings
  • (6x) Top Hat Bushings
  • Installation schematic

OEM Part number reference: CQ0001.02A8, CQ0001.11AZ

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